[October 23, 2018] Completion Ceremony of Asadal Solar Photovoltaic Power Station
2018-11-08 17:40:56


Korea Saemaul Undong Center(KSC) held ceremony for completion of Asadal Solar Photovoltaic Power Station in Korea Saemaul Undong Academy on October 23.


The solar power station was installed at an area of 1,653㎡ with an capacity of 70kW per hour. KSC will use this as a place to educate the reviving life campagin to preserve global environment and produce organic eco-friendly so that it will be utilized in Korea Saemaul Undong Academy. 

President Chung, Sung Heon said, “Through the construction of organic-solar power station, now we have a plan to build more than 10,000 standard-scale (100kW / h) organic-solar power plants nationwide with 180,000 Saemaul leaders.” Also, he added “in the future, I will pledge to take the lead in becoming the beautiful land of Korea, where all life can live well by spreading the wings of both ‘Sharing Peace’ and ‘Respect Culture’ campaign centering on ‘Reviving Life’ campaign.”